The race to become the reigning SuperApp

A few months ago, Elon Musk announced the transformation of Twitter into “X,” a platform that strives to be considered an “everything app.”

In August, we created a blog post titled “What X App Needs To Do To Become a SuperApp.” Initially, we believed that Musk had to face many hurdles before establishing X as a SuperApp. 

“X will need to partner with a reliable payments provider and establish strong collaborations with insurance companies, financial service providers, and government institutions to ensure its success,” according to Humphrey Ho, Managing Partner of Hylink Group Americas.

With Musk taking steps to expand X, we believe X will slowly become the SuperApp that Musk has always envisioned. 

What is a SuperApp?

A SuperApp is a vision of a single app to rule them all. 

Examples of SuperApps include WeChat in China. WeChat is a super-app that offers a multitude of platforms: messaging, shopping, mobile payments, and more. Rappi is another type of super-app that offers delivery services for various goods, financial services, and booking services for travel. 

How is X shaping itself to become an “everything app”?

X has recently announced that they are working on obtaining money transmission licenses in the United States. These money transmission licenses will help offer financial services within the app, bringing it one step closer to being a “one-stop” shop platform.

This will ultimately enable payment processes and money storages, an essential aspect for multiservice apps and a contributor to X’s ecosystem. Ho mentioned, “Those who build their app ecosystems are more likely to succeed in the long run because it will be easier for them to integrate their solutions around what already exists.” 

For example, Meta has already established their app’s ecosystem, creating an easier environment when integrating their solutions with Amazon. Customers can now shop Amazon ads directly from the social media platform on Instagram and Facebook. Customers can link their Amazon account with their Meta account. This will ultimately benefit Amazon and Meta users, increasing revenue and better targeting opportunities for both platforms.

So long as X continues establishing their app ecosystem, it will become the super-app they want it to become.

SuperApps represent an exciting opportunity for marketing campaigns, as they can be seamlessly integrated it is a great way to build a trustable following, promote your business, and engage directly with a large, active community of potential consumers in the most targeted way. Ultimately, the goal is to drive conversions & sales.

As an agency with experience in creating marketing campaigns for Weibo seeking to innovate in the marketing space in the Americas, we will continue to monitor updates on the trail-blazing promises that X poses as a super-app.