The First Advertising & Marketing Agency To Become Headless With Shogun

In a world where 40% of users will not wait more than three seconds for content to load, and where 1% of the conversion rate is lost every second the user has to wait, Shogun and Hylink Digital have partnered to become the first advertising agency partner to optimize millions of dollars in a lost opportunity just because of a slow website.

Hylink Digital – the independent, globally award-winning home of integrated marketing, recognizes this; feels this; understands this; and is pleased to share that the agency will continue to move into the future by becoming the first advertising and marketing agency to partner with Shogun to make headless commerce more accessible for e-commerce merchants. Shogun Frontend is a unified frontend platform that enables brands to create exceptional e-commerce experiences, which drive brand loyalty and conversions. Hylink Digital and its direct-to-consumer marketing arm Hylink Ventures will continue to drive revenue growth for its clients through this partnership.

Humphrey Ho, Hylink Digital’s Managing Director of the Americas, and a member of Worldwide Partners, explains –  “Our clients spend millions of dollars a month serving paid advertising to their direct to consumer sites, and we see the results of a slow-loading website’s conversion can sometimes only mean 1%. That 1% can be the 50% difference between a 2% conversion or a 3% conversion rate. Moreso, that 1% can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue, every day. Shogun and Hylink Digital are on a mission to optimize that”.

Shogun offers e-commerce brands tools to scale with their two products: Shogun Page Builder (drag-and-drop landing page builder) and Shogun Frontend (unified frontend platform). With Shogun Frontend, e-commerce brands create rich merchandising experiences without compromising on site performance or speed. This is done by separating the frontend and backend of a traditional site and connecting the two layers with application programming interfaces (APIs). This separation allows agile e-commerce teams to make independent changes to the site’s front end without risking the backend. 

As our skeptical friends from the 80s discovered, the internet is not a fad, and neither is e-commerce. For more information on Shogun Fronted visit here.