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Hylink Group Unveils Generative AI Tools For Advertising

Hylink Group has launched a trio of innovative tools that will transform the marketing and advertising industry: HiGC, BrandAI, and G-Metaverse. The powerful tools are cutting-edge AIGC-powered (Generative AI) platforms that will revolutionize brand communications, content creation, and customer engagement.

HiGC – Intelligent Marketing Platform, will help brands handle repetitive work, liberate practitioners’ creativity, and improve content dissemination efficiency. The generative AI integrates multiple sources into one platform, accessing ChatGPT-4 and Midjourney V5, and meets customers’ requirements for concept research and development, data mining, strategy ideation, program planning, content marketing, design creativity, design collaboration, code programming, and even video production, empowering human creativity with the power of AI to create beyond their ambitions.

BrandAI, the brand VI management tool, automates and efficiently processes and analyzes a large amount of brand-related data and documents, accurately analyzes the VI specifications of the brand master and market trends, and carries out interpretation and iteration that conforms to the tone and values. It operates and manages brand AI assets, allowing the brand to elegantly iterate in the world of generative AI and unlocking endless possibilities with the help of technology.

G-Metaverse, empowers the production of virtual influencers, digital humans, digital clones, and NPCs, significantly improving content creation efficiency and accelerating the construction of business models and trial-and-error iterations, revolutionizing the way we approach Metaverse problem-solving with AI technology. It allows API-accessible users to customize the “personality” of AI, significantly enhancing the interaction experience of digital people, giving them diverse expression methods and a more vivid and unique “soul.”

Hylink Group’s research and development arm’s launch of HiGC, BrandAI, and G-Metaverse marks a significant milestone in the practical application of AIGC technology for small and medium-sized enterprises. By offering these cutting-edge Generative AI tools, Hylink is democratizing access to AI in the Advertising Industry and making it more accessible to all. This move will undoubtedly revolutionize the way businesses approach marketing and advertising, unleashing endless possibilities for growth and innovation.

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