Flying Beyond Stereotypes: The Emerging Indian Traveler

The emerging Indian traveler is a new generation of Indian tourists who are exploring the world and redefining the traditional image of Indian tourists. They are young, adventurous, and eager to explore new destinations and experiences. The emerging Indian traveler is a dynamic and adventurous group keen to explore the world and break free from traditional travel stereotypes.

In 2023 it is estimated that the number of emerging Indians traveling internationally will reach 428.8M making India the 7th largest contributor of international tourists globally.  This makes them an extremely appealing audience for DMOs.

The interests of 76% of Indian travelers is to prioritize experiences that allow them to learn about local cultures and communities. They crave adventures and are eager to explore. They represent an opportunity to grow your DMOs marketing campaign.

Who Are They?

The emerging Indian traveler is typically young, with most travelers falling in the age group of 18-35 years. 

They are tech-savvy and well-educated, as most have focused their careers on engineering, medicine, or business administration. Another issue to factor in is that Indian students are one of the world’s largest groups of international students and attend universities in many countries around the globe. This makes them open to new experiences, and willing to spend money on travel. 

They seek authentic experiences that allow them to connect with local communities and immerse themselves in different lifestyles, cultures, and cuisines and are willing to experiment with new things. 

How your DMO can expand its scope to reach the Emerging Indian Traveler:

  • Offer customized and personalized travel experiences and tailor offerings by creating personalized travel itineraries highlighting local experiences, cultures, and cuisines. 
  • Leverage social media and online platforms by creating engaging content, running targeted campaigns, and leveraging influencer partnerships.
  • Provide multilingual support and assistance, given that English is not the first language for many Indians, to make the travel booking and planning process easier and more accessible for this audience.
  • Promote off-season travel and lesser-known destinations: Indian travelers are becoming more adventurous and are looking to explore new and offbeat destinations. Promote off-season travel and lesser-known destinations and offer a unique and authentic experience.
  • Partner with local travel companies and suppliers: Partnering with local travel companies and suppliers can offer a more authentic and immersive experience
  • Create inclusive campaigns that display individuals who look like The Emerging Indian traveler. 

At Hylink we can help you expand your travel market by offering personalized experiences and making your campaigns more inclusive by showcasing individuals who look like the emerging Indian traveler. Join us in flying beyond stereotypes and discovering the world in a new light!