Marketing Decision Making with AI: Hylink Group Unveils Sorano

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and technology solutions, we at Hylink Group’s Forge division have again taken a giant leap forward. Our latest innovation,, powered by artificial intelligence, is aimed at transforming how multinational corporations make marketing decisions by leveraging data analysis with the power of AI.

While we’ve witnessed the advertising industry embrace AI to enhance creativity and copywriting, we identified a crucial gap in harnessing this technology to empower marketing teams in their decision-making processes. Traditionally, teams of marketers, researchers, data analysts, and other professionals would gather to meticulously conduct research and craft strategies for media and creative campaigns. This often led to prolonged timelines, rendering insights and strategies outdated by the time they were ready for implementation.

What is Sorano? provides a comprehensive solution, comprising various modules that actively target key business areas like consumer insights, campaign management, media buying, and more. Its predictive algorithms and machine learning models actively analyze vast datasets, revealing patterns and actively delivering personalized recommendations tailored to each client’s unique needs and objectives. Moreover, Sorano actively automates and streamlines repetitive tasks, freeing up teams to actively focus on high-impact, strategic work.

“We are excited to introduce Sorano, our most advanced AI technology yet, to our enterprise clients,” said Humphrey Ho. “Sorano is the result of our team’s expertise in emerging technologies, digital experiences, and business transformation. With this platform, companies can make data-driven decisions in real-time, gain a competitive edge, and drive growth in innovative ways.”

Key Features aiding Data Analysis with AI:

  • Linear Decision Making: We simplify information access through intuitive Q&A interactions powered by generative AI technology, resulting in quicker access to relevant insights from historical databases.
  • Comparative Decision Making: We enable comprehensive comparative analysis across brands, timeframes, SKUs, markets, and more, facilitating well-informed and precise decision-making.
  • Collaborative Decision-Making: We foster collaborative brainstorming and idea-sharing, cultivating a culture of informed decision-making within teams.
  • AIGC Data Visualization: Our platform offers a suite of data visualization tools that provide a stunning and stimulating experience for exploring trends, identifying patterns, and communicating findings.

Customization and Data Privacy:

  • Private AI: Designed as a private AI tool, Sorano ensures data privacy and security by operating within the organization’s internal network.
  • Tailored Deployment: Each instance of the platform is customized to meet the unique needs of individual clients, adapting seamlessly to diverse data sources and formats.
  • Closed AI Ecosystem: The AI ecosystem is a closed system, enhancing data control and security by keeping sensitive information within the organization.
  • AI Agents: Employing AI agents that communicate and learn from each other, we create a collaborative network of AI-powered decision-making.
  • Democratization of Knowledge: We aim to empower every organizational department with access to knowledge, facilitating well-informed decisions through a unified and intuitive platform.

As Oscar Caballero, Technology Director at Hylink Forge, noted, “Sorano gains tremendous value from the smooth interaction between historic data sources, LLMs, neural networks, vector databases, and other AI components, enhancing our ecosystem. What’s truly remarkable in Sorano is the platform’s ability to communicate between the different components, fostering a constant exchange of insights.”

In an era of constant evolution in the digital landscape, exemplifies our commitment to empowering both established and emerging brands in their marketing decisions and data analysis with AI. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies to gain deeper insights into audiences and the competitive landscape, companies can confidently make bold decisions and forge more impactful connections with consumers. stands ready to shape the future of business and drive global brands to unprecedented heights.

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