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Hylink Digital Solution Co., LTD (Hylink Digital) is one of China’s largest digital advertising agencies, committed to delivering shareholder value by developing integrated, advanced solutions and services for the digital advertising and marketing technology industries. Hylink Digital was founded in 1994 by Su Tong, the agency’s CEO, and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Having worked in traditional advertising, and recognising its limitations with the turn of the digital age, Mr. Su’s vision was to retransition Hylink Digital in 2004 to both offering and developing digital-based advertising solutions for clients and brands.

With 2,400 employees across major global markets, our agency specializes in digital advertising, digital marketing, communications planning, media buying and other specialized communications disciplines.
In all we do, we strive to maximize shareholder value.
Financial reports are issued by the agency on an annual basis.
Hylink Digital Solution Co., Ltd.’s shares are traded on SSE, a market operated by the Shanghai Stock.

Company: Hylink Digital Co, Ltd.
Stock Code: SHA603825
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Investor Relations Contacts

China HQs
Hylink Digital, Beijing
No. 7 Inner Jianguomen Street,
Chang’an Building 1, 17th Floor,
Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

U.S. HQs
Hylink Digital, Los Angeles
225 Santa Monica Blvd, 8th Floor Santa Monica, CA 90401

Recent News
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